Paleo for Kitties, Too!


Adding fiber, raw fats and probiotics and cartilage is considerably more difficult for the discriminating cat palate.  Paleopets recommends adding plain yogurt, canned pumpkin and fish oils to their canned food.  Dr. Coghlan also says that most cats do best on wet food, so try to replace their kibble with more canned food.  So, to add these things that cats generally don’t care for at all (save for the fish oils), we need to cater to our cats.  After you’ve mixed in 1 tsp each of yogurt and canned pumpkin, add a squirt of fish oils.  That alone may be enough to get some kitties eating.  Not for mine.  Next I tried adding some low-sodium chicken broth.  NOPE, still not touching it.

Back to the book I went for ideas.  Dr. C suggests Cosequin for cats.  It is a glucosamine supplement (raw joints/cartilage).  It happens to come in capsules with a TUNA flavored powder inside.  Now we’re talking!

I even have Cosequin for cats on hand!  I had recently purchased it to supplement my 10yo cat’s diet.  I sprinkled a capsule over their wet food (with all the goodies added) and that helped…but they still weren’t too enthused.

Next, Paleo pets recommends adding tuna juice or bits of sardines as appetizers.  OR try withholding canned food for a day.  Since tuna and sardines especially make me physically ill…I had to try the latter.  Thankfully, it worked!  Last night, all 3 cats cleaned their bowls!  The 3rd cat, Isis. is shy–I couldn’t get a photo of her to share with you.  It was more important for her to eat, so I didn’t want to interrupt her!

Tonight, Tiki and Cannoli were eagerly awaiting their delicious dishes..

She likes it, she really likes it!!

She likes it, she really likes it!!

You can also use a supplement powder.  I found this at my local vet/fee supply.  It has the glucosamine, chondroitin, digestive enzymes and pro-biotics that pets need all in ONE jar.  It is suitable for cats or dogs.